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DOSBox-X 0.84.3 (2022.09.0) Release Notes

Release Date: September 1, 2022

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New in This Version

  • Added 86PCM support for PC-98 emulation. (nanshiki)
  • Added German language translation. (Link-Mario)
  • Added code page 867 (compatible with Hebrew DOS WordPerfect) and 868 (Urdu) for the guest-to-host code page conversions. (Wengier)
  • Improved ANSI.SYS detection for the welcome banner and CLS command. The command "INTRO WELCOME" will re-display the welcome banner without running the commands in AUTOEXEC.BAT. (Wengier)
  • Improved IME support on macOS SDL2 build. (Wengier)
  • Improved detection for the Chinese/Japanese/Korean keyboard layouts on Windows platform. (Wengier)
  • Improved Windows installer for selecting languages for the DOS emulator. (Wengier)
  • Improved config option "file access tries" for the Linux and macOS platforms. (Wengier)
  • Fixed SafeDisc 2 check for Red Alert 2 by renaming the IDE CD-ROM device. (rderooy & psyraven)
  • Fixed problem when inputting characters with call INT21/AH=3Fh in PC-98 mode. (nanshiki)
  • Fixed hang on zip-mounted drives and minor bug on the DOS file-read code. (tbr)
  • Fixed file copying problem with Windows 9x install at the end of the DOS-based Setup. (Wengier)
  • Fixed command like "IF NOT EXIST D:\NUL ..." not working if the drive does not exist. (Wengier)
  • Fixed that pasting text from clipboard via mouse may not work properly in some cases. (Wengier)
  • Fixed the mouse scrolling wheel not working with CTMOUSE 2.1's "CTMOUSE /O" in guest DOS. (Wengier)
  • Fixed window transparency setting not working in macOS SDL1 build. (Wengier)
  • Fixed macOS small display issue with the in-tree SDL2 library by applying SDL updates. (Wengier)
  • Fixed menu option "Always on top" to work with the in-tree SDL2 library on macOS. (Wengier)
  • Fixed the terminal mess-up issue with -display2 option on Linux and macOS platforms. (Wengier)
  • Fixed OpenGL output options not working in Windows ARM32/ARM64 builds. (Wengier)
Previous release: 0.84.2 (release notes)
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