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MT32Emu::MemoryRegion Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MT32Emu::MemoryRegion:
MT32Emu::DisplayMemoryRegion MT32Emu::PatchesMemoryRegion MT32Emu::PatchTempMemoryRegion MT32Emu::ResetMemoryRegion MT32Emu::RhythmTempMemoryRegion MT32Emu::SystemMemoryRegion MT32Emu::TimbresMemoryRegion MT32Emu::TimbreTempMemoryRegion

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Public Member Functions

 MemoryRegion (Synth *useSynth, Bit8u *useRealMemory, Bit8u *useMaxTable, MemoryRegionType useType, Bit32u useStartAddr, Bit32u useEntrySize, Bit32u useEntries)
int lastTouched (Bit32u addr, Bit32u len) const
int firstTouchedOffset (Bit32u addr) const
int firstTouched (Bit32u addr) const
Bit32u regionEnd () const
bool contains (Bit32u addr) const
int offset (Bit32u addr) const
Bit32u getClampedLen (Bit32u addr, Bit32u len) const
Bit32u next (Bit32u addr, Bit32u len) const
Bit8u getMaxValue (int off) const
Bit8u * getRealMemory () const
bool isReadable () const
void read (unsigned int entry, unsigned int off, Bit8u *dst, unsigned int len) const
void write (unsigned int entry, unsigned int off, const Bit8u *src, unsigned int len, bool init=false) const

Public Attributes

MemoryRegionType type
Bit32u startAddr
Bit32u entrySize
Bit32u entries

Detailed Description

Definition at line 126 of file Synth.h.

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