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MT32Emu::Synth Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Synth (ReportHandler *useReportHandler=NULL)
bool open (const ROMImage &controlROMImage, const ROMImage &pcmROMImage)
void close (void)
void playMsg (Bit32u msg)
void playMsgOnPart (unsigned char part, unsigned char code, unsigned char note, unsigned char velocity)
void playSysex (const Bit8u *sysex, Bit32u len)
void playSysexWithoutFraming (const Bit8u *sysex, Bit32u len)
void playSysexWithoutHeader (unsigned char device, unsigned char command, const Bit8u *sysex, Bit32u len)
void writeSysex (unsigned char channel, const Bit8u *sysex, Bit32u len)
void setReverbEnabled (bool reverbEnabled)
bool isReverbEnabled () const
void setReverbOverridden (bool reverbOverridden)
bool isReverbOverridden () const
void setDACInputMode (DACInputMode mode)
void setOutputGain (float)
void setReverbOutputGain (float)
void render (Bit16s *stream, Bit32u len)
void renderStreams (Bit16s *nonReverbLeft, Bit16s *nonReverbRight, Bit16s *reverbDryLeft, Bit16s *reverbDryRight, Bit16s *reverbWetLeft, Bit16s *reverbWetRight, Bit32u len)
bool hasActivePartials () const
bool isActive () const
const PartialgetPartial (unsigned int partialNum) const
void setPartialLimit (unsigned int partialLimit)
unsigned int getPartialLimit () const
void readMemory (Bit32u addr, Bit32u len, Bit8u *data)
const PartgetPart (unsigned int partNum) const
void * dumpRam ()
void loadRam (void *buf)
void findPart (const Part *src, Bit8u *index_out)
void findPartial (const Partial *src, Bit8u *index_out)
void findPartialParam (const TimbreParam::PartialParam *src, Bit16u *index_out1, Bit16u *index_out2)
void findPatchCache (const PatchCache *src, Bit16u *index_out1, Bit16u *index_out2)
void findPatchTemp (const MemParams::PatchTemp *src, Bit8u *index_out)
void findPCMWaveEntry (const PCMWaveEntry *src, Bit16u *index_out)
void findPoly (const Poly *src, Bit16u *index_out1, Bit16u *index_out2)
void findRhythmTemp (const MemParams::RhythmTemp *src, Bit8u *index_out)
void findTimbreParam (const TimbreParam *src, Bit8u *index_out)
PartindexPart (Bit8u index)
PartialindexPartial (Bit8u index)
TimbreParam::PartialParamindexPartialParam (Bit16u index1, Bit16u index2)
PatchCacheindexPatchCache (Bit16u index1, Bit16u index2)
MemParams::PatchTempindexPatchTemp (Bit8u index)
PCMWaveEntryindexPCMWaveEntry (Bit16u index)
PolyindexPoly (Bit16u index1, Bit16u index2)
MemParams::RhythmTempindexRhythmTemp (Bit8u index)
TimbreParamindexTimbreParam (Bit8u index)

Static Public Member Functions

static Bit8u calcSysexChecksum (const Bit8u *data, Bit32u len, Bit8u checksum)


class Part
class RhythmPart
class Poly
class Partial
class Tables
class MemoryRegion
class TVA
class TVF
class TVP

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