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Public Member Functions
MT32Emu::Poly Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Poly (Synth *useSynth, Part *usePart)
void reset (unsigned int key, unsigned int velocity, bool sustain, Partial **partials)
bool noteOff (bool pedalHeld)
bool stopPedalHold ()
bool startDecay ()
bool startAbort ()
void terminate ()
void backupCacheToPartials (PatchCache cache[4])
unsigned int getKey () const
unsigned int getVelocity () const
bool canSustain () const
PolyState getState () const
unsigned int getActivePartialCount () const
bool isActive () const
void partialDeactivated (Partial *partial)
PolygetNext ()
void setNext (Poly *poly)
void saveState (std::ostream &stream)
void loadState (std::istream &stream)
void rawVerifyState (char *name, Synth *synth)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file Poly.h.

Member Function Documentation

unsigned int MT32Emu::Poly::getKey ( ) const

Returns the internal key identifier. For non-rhythm, this is within the range 12 to 108. For rhythm on MT-32, this is 0 or 1 (special cases) or within the range 24 to 87. For rhythm on devices with extended PCM sounds (e.g. CM-32L), this is 0, 1 or 24 to 108

Definition at line 142 of file Poly.cpp.

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