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MT32Emu::Part Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Part (Synth *synth, unsigned int usePartNum)
void reset ()
void setDataEntryMSB (unsigned char midiDataEntryMSB)
void setNRPN ()
void setRPNLSB (unsigned char midiRPNLSB)
void setRPNMSB (unsigned char midiRPNMSB)
void resetAllControllers ()
virtual void noteOn (unsigned int midiKey, unsigned int velocity)
virtual void noteOff (unsigned int midiKey)
void allNotesOff ()
void allSoundOff ()
Bit8u getVolume () const
void setVolume (unsigned int midiVolume)
Bit8u getModulation () const
void setModulation (unsigned int midiModulation)
Bit8u getExpression () const
void setExpression (unsigned int midiExpression)
virtual void setPan (unsigned int midiPan)
Bit32s getPitchBend () const
void setBend (unsigned int midiBend)
virtual void setProgram (unsigned int midiProgram)
void setHoldPedal (bool pedalval)
void stopPedalHold ()
void updatePitchBenderRange ()
virtual void refresh ()
virtual void refreshTimbre (unsigned int absTimbreNum)
virtual void setTimbre (TimbreParam *timbre)
virtual unsigned int getAbsTimbreNum () const
const char * getCurrentInstr () const
unsigned int getActivePartialCount () const
unsigned int getActiveNonReleasingPartialCount () const
const MemParams::PatchTempgetPatchTemp () const
void partialDeactivated (Poly *poly)
bool abortFirstPoly (PolyState polyState)
bool abortFirstPolyPreferHeld ()
bool abortFirstPoly ()
const PolygetActivePoly (int num)
int getActivePolyCount ()
const PatchCachegetPatchCache (int num)

Protected Member Functions

void backupCacheToPartials (PatchCache cache[4])
void cacheTimbre (PatchCache cache[4], const TimbreParam *timbre)
void playPoly (const PatchCache cache[4], const MemParams::RhythmTemp *rhythmTemp, unsigned int midiKey, unsigned int key, unsigned int velocity)
void stopNote (unsigned int key)
const char * getName () const

Protected Attributes

char name [8]
char currentInstr [11]
Bit8u modulation
Bit8u expression
Bit32s pitchBend
bool nrpn
Bit16u rpn
Bit16u pitchBenderRange

Detailed Description

Definition at line 42 of file Part.h.

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