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DBOPL::Operator Struct Reference

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Public Types

enum  { MASK_KSR = 0x10, MASK_SUSTAIN = 0x20, MASK_VIBRATO = 0x40, MASK_TREMOLO = 0x80 }
enum  State {

Public Member Functions

void UpdateAttenuation ()
void UpdateRates (const Chip *chip)
void UpdateFrequency ()
void Write20 (const Chip *chip, Bit8u val)
void Write40 (const Chip *chip, Bit8u val)
void Write60 (const Chip *chip, Bit8u val)
void Write80 (const Chip *chip, Bit8u val)
void WriteE0 (const Chip *chip, Bit8u val)
bool Silent () const
void Prepare (const Chip *chip)
void KeyOn (Bit8u mask)
void KeyOff (Bit8u mask)
template<State state>
Bits TemplateVolume ()
Bit32s RateForward (Bit32u add)
Bitu ForwardWave ()
Bitu ForwardVolume ()
Bits GetSample (Bits modulation)
Bits GetWave (Bitu index, Bitu vol)

Public Attributes

VolumeHandler volHandler
Bit16s * waveBase
Bit32u waveMask
Bit32u waveStart
Bit32u waveIndex
Bit32u waveAdd
Bit32u waveCurrent
Bit32u chanData
Bit32u freqMul
Bit32u vibrato
Bit32s sustainLevel
Bit32s totalLevel
Bit32u currentLevel
Bit32s volume
Bit32u attackAdd
Bit32u decayAdd
Bit32u releaseAdd
Bit32u rateIndex
Bit8u rateZero
Bit8u keyOn
Bit8u reg20
Bit8u reg40
Bit8u reg60
Bit8u reg80
Bit8u regE0
Bit8u state
Bit8u tremoloMask
Bit8u vibStrength
Bit8u ksr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 67 of file dbopl.h.

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