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src/libs/gui_tk/gui_tk.h File Reference

Header file for gui::tk. More...

#include <stdint.h>
#include <list>
#include <map>
#include <vector>
#include <typeinfo>
#include <string>
#include <iostream>

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class  GUI::Key
 Identifies a keyboard key. More...
class  GUI::NativeString< STR >
 Converts between strings of various types and String objects. More...
class  GUI::NativeString< STR * >
class  GUI::NativeString< STR[N]>
class  GUI::NativeString< const STR[N]>
class  GUI::NativeString< const STR * >
struct  GUI::ltvoid
 'less-than' comparison between pointer addresses More...
class  GUI::String
 Simple STL-based string class. More...
class  GUI::String::Native
 Simple pointer encapsulation class for memory management. More...
class  GUI::String::NativeArray< STR >
 Simple pointer encapsulation class for memory management. More...
class  GUI::String::NativeObject< STR >
class  GUI::NativeString< std::string * >
class  GUI::NativeString< const std::string * >
class  GUI::NativeString< std::string >
class  GUI::NativeString< const std::string >
struct  GUI::Window_Callback
 Callback for window events. More...
class  GUI::Window
 A Window is a rectangular sub-area of another window. More...
class  GUI::Screen
 A Screen represents the framebuffer that is the final destination of the GUI. More...
struct  GUI::Timer_Callback
 Timer callback type. More...
class  GUI::Timer
 Timing service. Time is measured in ticks. A tick is about 10 msec. More...
struct  GUI::Timer::ltuint
 Compare two integers for 'less-than'. More...
class  GUI::ScreenRGB32le
 A 24 bit per pixel RGB framebuffer aligned to 32 bit per pixel. More...
class  GUI::Drawable
 A drawable represents a rectangular off-screen drawing area. More...
class  GUI::Font
 A variable- or fixed-width fixed-size Font. More...
struct  GUI::Font::ltstr
 Compare two strings for 'less-than'. More...
class  GUI::BitmapFont
 A bitmap font. This is a font which is defined by a binary bit map. Each bit in the bitmap defines one pixel. Bits may be arranged in various common patterns. More...
struct  GUI::ActionEventSource_Callback
 Callback for action events. More...
class  GUI::ActionEventSource
 Event class for action events. More...
class  GUI::BorderedWindow
 Internal class for windows whose child content should not span the entire area. More...
class  GUI::Label
 A text label. More...
class  GUI::Input
 A single-line text input. More...
struct  GUI::ToplevelWindow_Callback
 Callbacks for window events. More...
class  GUI::ToplevelWindow
 An actual decorated window. More...
class  GUI::TransientWindow
 A floating temporary window that is not restricted by it's parent's area. More...
class  GUI::Menu
 A popup menu. More...
class  GUI::Button
 A push button. More...
class  GUI::Menubar
 A menu bar at the top of a ToplevelWindow. More...
class  GUI::Checkbox
 A checkbox. More...
class  GUI::Radiobox
 A radio box. More...
class  GUI::Frame
 A rectangular 3D sunken frame. More...
class  GUI::MessageBox2
 A message box with a single "Close" button. More...


namespace  GUI
 This namespace contains all GUI toolkit classes, types and functions.
namespace  GUI::Color
 Collection of all color-related constants and functions.


#define imin(x, y)   ((x)<(y)?(x):(y))
#define imax(x, y)   ((x)>(y)?(x):(y))
#define isign(x)   (((x)<0?-1:1))


typedef uint32_t GUI::RGB
 ARGB 24-bit color value: (a<<24)|(r<<16)|(g<<8)|(b)
typedef unsigned int GUI::Size
 A type which holds size values that can be very large.
typedef uint32_t GUI::Char
 A type which holds a single character. Large enough for Unicode.
typedef unsigned int GUI::Ticks
 A type which holds a number of timer ticks.


enum  GUI::MouseButton {
  NoButton, Left, Right, Middle,
  WheelUp, WheelDown, WheelLeft, WheelRight
 Identifies a mouse button.


const RGB GUI::Color::Transparent = 0x00ffffff
 A fully transparent pixel.
const RGB GUI::Color::Black = 0xff000000
 A fully opaque black pixel.
const RGB GUI::Color::White = 0xffffffff
 A fully opaque white pixel.
const RGB GUI::Color::AlphaMask = 0xff000000
 Alpha mask.
const int GUI::Color::AlphaShift = 24
 Offset of alpha value.
const RGB GUI::Color::RedMask = 0x00ff0000
 Red mask.
const RGB GUI::Color::Red = Black|RedMask
 Full-intensity red.
const int GUI::Color::RedShift = 16
 Offset of red value.
const RGB GUI::Color::GreenMask = 0x0000ff00
 Green mask.
const RGB GUI::Color::Green = Black|GreenMask
 Full-intensity green.
const int GUI::Color::GreenShift = 8
 Offset of green value.
const RGB GUI::Color::BlueMask = 0x000000ff
 Blue mask.
const RGB GUI::Color::Blue = Black|BlueMask
 Full-intensity blue.
const int GUI::Color::BlueShift = 0
 Offset of blue value.
const RGB GUI::Color::Magenta = Red|Blue
 Full-intensity Magenta.
const RGB GUI::Color::MagentaMask = RedMask|BlueMask
 Magenta mask.
const RGB GUI::Color::Cyan = Green|Blue
 Full-intensity Cyan.
const RGB GUI::Color::CyanMask = GreenMask|BlueMask
 Cyan mask.
const RGB GUI::Color::Yellow = Red|Green
 Full-intensity Yellow.
const RGB GUI::Color::YellowMask = RedMask|GreenMask
 Yellow mask.
const RGB GUI::Color::Grey50 = 0xff808080
 50% grey

Detailed Description

Header file for gui::tk.

All you need to do is to include "gui_tk.h". If you want SDL support, then include SDL.h first.

Definition in file gui_tk.h.